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Looking for jobs in hospitality ? Be careful with...:

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Jan. 26th, 2002 | 09:59 pm
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posted by: sillyheart in crapjobs_nz

Just hiring in Auckland is a guy called Christian from France. He's hiring for a deli, I can't say the name, it's in Ponsonby/Freeman's Bay - should you come across a charming, handsome guy with french accent, just be careful! All just fassade!!
He's totally shallow and treats his staff very badly, because of him the whole staff of the place I am working for right now is looking for new jobs - which is the reason why they are hiring!
He'll be nice as long as he wants something but if you're "only" his staff, he'll yell at you and send you around like his little slave bimbo - you'll basically do his work as well and never get a nice word for it.
Example: He spills milk, stands next to it and tells you to crawl around on the floor to remove it. As woman, be expected to do all the cleaning work alone. ALL alone.
I was talking to one of our suppliers today and he also warned me, our chefs got warnings from a lot of other people who have worked for or with him during the years and all in all he seems to have a very bad reputation, even though he used to own and run a well known chain of french delis here in Auckland. Don't be fooled by that! Bad guy, bad job - just don't go there!

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Silkegirl *whoooosh*

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from: sillyheart
date: Jan. 26th, 2006 11:12 pm (UTC)

He set us up today, provoked us to get very angry and took photos and recorded soundfiles of us.

We all left at once. We'll all talk to a lawyer - together.

Just warn all your friends of taking jobs that fit my description! It's not worth it! I'm totally distressed.

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