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Crap would-have-been employers

Sep. 18th, 2006 | 11:59 am
posted by: booyacka in crapjobs_nz

The thing that really REALLY pisses me off is companies and employers who don't contact you after they decide not to hire you for a job. What is so fricking hard about picking up the phone or emailing somebody and saying 'sorry but we decided to hire somebody else'? You talked with them on the phone, you sent them a C.V, you had an interview with them (which you had to take 2 buses to get to coz the Main Office is somewhere far and obscure), so you'd think that the least they could do is to call you back and tell you you are still jobless, and that you still have to look for employment.

Instead you have to sit on your butt for almost a week before you e-mail them asking when the job is starting and have they made a decision, except you have to e-mail them twice because they haven't answered the second question (which was the whole point of you e-mailing them) and then finally, FINALLY they tell you the job has been taken by somebody else, like, 3 days ago.

That's just fucking impolite, you know? Now I try to ask potential employers to please let me know whatever they decide to do with my application, and hope I'm not sounding rude in the process of doing so.

*head hurts*

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Looking for jobs in hospitality ? Be careful with...:

Jan. 26th, 2002 | 09:59 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: The Shins - Girl Inform Me
posted by: sillyheart in crapjobs_nz

Just hiring in Auckland is a guy called Christian from France. He's hiring for a deli, I can't say the name, it's in Ponsonby/Freeman's Bay - should you come across a charming, handsome guy with french accent, just be careful! All just fassade!!
He's totally shallow and treats his staff very badly, because of him the whole staff of the place I am working for right now is looking for new jobs - which is the reason why they are hiring!
He'll be nice as long as he wants something but if you're "only" his staff, he'll yell at you and send you around like his little slave bimbo - you'll basically do his work as well and never get a nice word for it.
Example: He spills milk, stands next to it and tells you to crawl around on the floor to remove it. As woman, be expected to do all the cleaning work alone. ALL alone.
I was talking to one of our suppliers today and he also warned me, our chefs got warnings from a lot of other people who have worked for or with him during the years and all in all he seems to have a very bad reputation, even though he used to own and run a well known chain of french delis here in Auckland. Don't be fooled by that! Bad guy, bad job - just don't go there!

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I'll start

Jan. 26th, 2006 | 09:17 pm
mood: optimisticoptimistic
posted by: sillyheart in crapjobs_nz

Hi there, I'm glad someone's reading this at all :-)

I felt it was about time to start some sort of forum to talk about what's been happening to so many people I know and myself for a few years now which is getting one really bad job after the other. Usually it's not even that the job itself is so but but moreso the employers just behaving like recently let out of a mental institution...

Out of 5 jobs I had here in New Zealand, I should have gone to the employment relations guys 4 times, including the job that I am just suffering from - but this time I definitely will, being discriminated for my sex, my body and it seems for not being french!

After my current boss did job interviews with lots of really nice people with me standing around like an idiot playing happy while actually feeling like telling those girls and guys to run and never turn around, I decided it's definitely time to start a community to discuss those pricks who mess at least 8 hours a day, if not the rest of the day as well.
We were 3 employees in the business I'm working in right now before our (nice) owner found a new co owner (prick) and now all 3 of us are looking for a new job, even the ones who have worked in the business for quite a while!

The idea is to have a spot to rant with people who are going through pretty much the same shit, to support each other and 
maybe even find a way too blacklist bad employers so the next person doesn't fall into the same smiley trap when applying.

I'm looking forward to hear from you,

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