Crap jobs in New Zealand

Feel free to have a good rant

Did you ever have a REALLY bad job in New Zealand?
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Did you ever have a really bad job? Like, so bad you feel you gotta let the world know how bad, have a good rant or maybe even warn others to never work there?
The reasons could be horrible colleagues, a really bad boss, your general work conditions, ridiculous pay, being harrassed - pretty much anything you feel matters!

Why did I start this community:
Well I know that in certain industries you got to live with a lot of crap at times and can't really do much. So many employers should be brought in front of employment relations but we just let them get away with it for one or the other reason and there wasn't really a forum for us to discuss our problems.

When you talk about (former or current) employers publicly for legal reasons please disguise them somehow or they'll shut us down. It's important that you don't use full names or addresses but as you know you can be pretty precize without doing so and we'll hopefully recognize people you warned us about if we ever met them.


For legal reasons the blacklist is going to be a private collection of bad employers that I will start compiling as file offline.
I would like to ask you to contribute to this by sending me an email (silkehartung @ gmx.de) letting me know

1. full name(s) of your employer(s)
2. name and address(es) of the company
3. what kind of business is it
4. 3 sentences on why not to work there (less than 100 words please)

I will put everything together and our file will get bigger and bigger with every one of your contributions. If you want to have a look at it, please mail me privately requesting it by putting the word BLACKLIST in capitals into the subject line of the email.

This list must not be published anywhere and is for personal use only!

Please let all your friends know about this place!

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